Campaign to reduce Motorway noise making progress

While Berrima residents have been suffering from excessive noise for years from traffic on the concrete surface on the Motorway as it passes round Berrima, recently increasing volume of trucks, particularly B-Doubles, has made life intolerable.

Local resident Duncan McDonald is leading a BRA team to get the NSW Government to take the health and safety concerns of residents seriously.

Following arranging noise readings with professional acoustic engineers, presenting a petition with over 220 signatures and meeting with government officials, and most recently with the Minister, Duncan organised a community meeting on 11 November 2022 in the Marketplace where 61 residents expressed their frustration with the noise issue to two Departmental officials.

There are technical fixes to the road surface that promise a significant reduction in noise. But the decision depends on the outcome of the Department’s own noise readings and ultimately on the Minister making the solving of this serious health problem a priority road project.


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