Community Projects

Celebrating Christmas in 2021

The Association applied the Grant of $2,500 it received from Wingecarribee Shire Council toward the Berrima Village Christmas Party at the Surveyor-General Inn on 8 December 2021.


On a fortnightly basis, hardworking Berrima Residents Association volunteers and other community residents gather to work on a variety of the village’s bush walks and natural features.

The Stone Quarry Walk & Lambies Well tracks require ongoing weeding, mulching and maintenance.

Volunteers work cooperatively with Council staff on native planting projects as well.




Listing Berrima and Surrounds on the NSW State Heritage Inventory

In mid 2019, the Association lodged a nomination with the State Heritage Council for Berrima and Surrounds to be listed as an item of State Significance on the NSW Heritage Inventory.

The NSW Heritage Office has confirmed that the nomination has been received and as at January 2022, is still under consideration.

The only other settlements in NSW that are listed as an item on the Inventory in their own right are Braidwood and Catherine Hill Bay.



The BRA takes every opportunity to raise funds for projects around the village and to cover the costs of running the Association, principally insurance costs. We are constantly on the lookout for Council, State and Federal Grants to support village projects.

Up to 2019, the Association raised funds from its annual Australia Day stall in the Market Place, where donated bric-a-brac, books, clothes was sold and a cafe in the Village Hall was set up on the day. However, the cancellation of the Australia Day festivities in Berrima due to the Covid pandemic in 2021 and 2022 prevent this happening.

Fortunately a group of wonderful jam makers came to the rescue and now this dedicated group of volunteers mans a stall at the monthly Berrima School Market and donates all the proceeds to the Association.

In 2019, the Association donated $1,000.00 to the Berrima volunteer Rural Fire Service.


Restoration of the Berrima Cenotaph in the Marketplace

In 2010 the Association secured a grant from the Commonwealth Department of Veteran Affairs for the restoration of the Berrima Memorial Garden and Cenotaph in the Berrima Marketplace.

Volunteers implemented the new landscape plans, drawn up by Chris and Charlotte Webb,  that involved the full restoration of the cenotaph, the relocation of the flagpole to align with 4 new pencil pines, a wider concrete apron, removal of inappropriate perennial shrubs, replanting the garden beds with hedges of laurel, rosemary and cistus. The white picket fence was repaired and completely repainted.

The Memorial Garden has been a place of remembrance in Berrima since 2010 and where the ANZAC and Remembrance Day ceremonies are held every year.




Brightening Your Day

Brightening Your Day

BRA volunteers have planted over 2,000 Daffodil bulbs throughout the village commons.

Through winter and early spring, they make a beautiful addition to the village’s vistas.

Would you like to donate some Daffodill bulbs? Contact the Secretary at


Berrima Heritage Walk

The first section of the Walk is the  pathway, starting in Iran St (opposite the Surveyor- General Inn),  descending down to the Wingecarribee River, continuing along the river downstream to come back up to the village to the south of the Anglican Church at the top of the Marketplace.

Over time, the completed path will wind its way through Berrima, once approvals are in place from some landowners to allow the path to cross their property on the banks of the River.

The Village Walk will link with the historic WWI German Internees Walk that begins at the bottom of Oxley St at the Berrima Campground and the proposed bush walking tract that begins at the bottom of Iran St and crossed the River and continues upstream to the Berrima Weir.



There’s plenty to see when you visit Berrima. That’s why the BRA has funded the installation of benches and seating that you see dotted around the village.

As you stroll around, absorbing the Georgian ambience, be our guest and take a seat to rest your weary feet.