St Francis Xavier Catholic Church

St Francis Xavier Catholic Church

What the Berrima Residents Association does

The Berrima Residents Association seeks to preserve and beautify the unique architectural and environmental heritage of mainland Australia’s only intact Colonial Georgian village.

Members of the Association work together on a range of projects including:

  • Bushcare – maintaining the natural features & tourism attractions of Berrima
  • Managing the Berrima Remembrance Grove – formally the Berrima section of the Sydney to Canberra War Memorial Driveway
  • Fundraising – in support of local organisations; Berrima Public School; the Berrima RFS
  • Organising ANZAC Day memorial services in the Marketplace

The Association monitors the Council’s website (DA Tracker) and the NSW Department of Planning Development Portal for new Development Applications (DAs) for development in the Berrima village.

The Association reviews such applications to determine whether the application complies with the Council’s own planning regulations i.e. the Berrima Development Control Plan (DCP) & Local Environment Plan (WLEP 2010) and advises Council where non-complying development has been proposed.

In this way, the BRA draws Council’s attention to design elements or planning issues that would be contrary to the DCP/LEP – therefore having potential for adverse impact on Berrima’s preservation.

The BRA is not the “consent authority” over development in Berrima. The BRA does not approve or decline Development Applications received by Council.