Building & Renovations

Planning For Protection

Planning For Protection

Building a new home or renovating an existing home in Berrima is no problem.

The Berrima Residents Association (BRA) may comment on Development Applications lodged with Wingecarribee Shire Council if any aspect of the proposed development does not appear to comply with Council’s planning controls. In doing so, the Association relies on the rules set out in the Council’s Local Environment Plan (WLEP 2010) and the Berrima Development Control Plan, particularly the heritage provisions of the Plan.

This assists Council in assessing the DA and aims at assuring consistency in Council decision making, that is fair to all residents and protects the village from inappropriate development.

As Council is the consent authority for all developments in the Shire, the Council may or may not take into account the comments from the Association when it makes the final decision on the applicant’s DA.

The Council website, at he link below, contains detailed information on its procedures and plans.

Heritage Considerations

Berrima village is a nominated Heritage Conservation Area and the surrounding landscape is mostly contained with in the Berrima Landscape Heritage Conservation Area.


Accordingly, in addition to the Council’s planning objectives and controls that affect development across the entire Shire, development in Berrima is also subject to the heritage provisions of the Berrima DCP and the Rural Lands DCP.

Information on Council’s heritage policies and plans is available at the following link: