Berrima Landcare

Landcare is organised by the Southern Highlands Landcare Network and works to restore native vegetation on privately owned land (i.e. not Coucil or Crown land). Activities are covered by Landcare insurance.

The Berrima Landcare Group is a relatively new one, meeting for the first time on 12 July 2022.

The group  now meets on the second Tuesday of the month. Anyone interested in joining us, should contact

Jenny Slattery (0437 975 213;

for further details.


Above is a photo of the working-bee held on Tuesday 9th August.

This was the second time the group met at the Berrima Cricket Ground Nature Reserve located at the end of Sutton Street. The Reserve preserves the cricket pitch used by Don Bradman when he played in the district in his youth.

The group is focussing on the removal of woody weeds (mainly privet, hawthorn and cotoneaster) and are making great progress already. The challenge will be weeding the riverbank itself, because of the density of blackberries and the European flag iris.

This area of the reserve is a hotspot for platypus. There is also a healthy “Wisdom” (colony) of wombats.


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