Children’s playground upgrade well underway

The upgrade of the children’s playground in the Berrima Marketplace, designed specifically to accommodate disabled kids, is well underway with a completion date of late October 2020.

The upgrade was initiated by the Rotary Club of the Berrima District with a $30,000 grant and supported later by a further $239,990 grant to Council. The project was initially considered by Council on 23 May 2019 in the context of a Masterplan for the whole Marketplace.

The BRA supported the project from the beginning but was concerned to achieve an outcome that also respected the heritage significance of the Berrima Marketplace, which is a State listed heritage item.

The Association organised a community meeting in the Church Hall on 3 June 2019 to discuss the Council proposals. After later site meetings between the BRA, the architects, Council assets and heritage staff, the footprint of upgrade was subsequently reduced and agreement was reached on the location of, and materials used, in the hard surface ‘accessible’ pathways, disabled parking spaces, tree removal and upgrades to the toilet block to better protect the heritage values of this colonial era public space. The BRA provided comments to Council in its submission on 24 June 2019. 

Construction work will include minor alterations the the toilet block. The unavoidable accessible concrete paths will be covered by a sandstone surfacing material so that they are less visually intrusive and two disabled parking spaces will be constructed to the right of the toilet block where the new path exits the park.

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