Berrima Public School – Winter Solstice Lantern Walk

You are invited to this year’s Winter Solstice Lantern Walk at the Berrima Public School

Friday 23 June 2017 from 5.00 pm


with a fairy tale walk among the illuminated lanterns placed around the ‘forest’ next to the school.

Our advice – rug up well, wear sturdy shoes for the walk and have a torch in your pocket in case.

– Bring a lantern to walk the track –

Families are also welcome to bring along their own supper to enjoy. We recommend that you pack a camp chair as we usually don’t have enough chairs for everyone who attend.

The P&C will be shouting everyone hot chocolate, tea and instant coffee to have with dessert after the walk. Real coffee will also be available for purchase on the night.

There is no cost for the event.

Hope to see you there.

Please remember that you are responsible for supervising your child/ren on the night of the lantern walk. Staff may be attending but will NOT be on duty.

Children must be under the supervision of a parent/designated adult at all times and cannot be dropped off to attend this event (this also includes high school age siblings). In previous years a number of children ran into the bush and moved many of the lights that were marking the path. We don’t want this to happen again so we need your help to ensure children don’t run off alone!



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